CalendU is the modern calendar

With 5 levels of access you can keep your public, social, work, and private life separate yet integrated.

One calendar that allows you to assign access based on your relationship with the person
Level 1 - General Public
Level 2 - Work, School, Ex-Spouses
Level 3 - Friends, Business partners
Level 4 - Spouses, Partners
Level 5 - You and only You

Multiple calendars usually guarantee missed appointments or conflicts. Eliminate them with one integrated platform that puts you in control. You choose your time slots and let others select what's available. If there's a conflict, you can resolve it then. If a late opening arises, anyone with access can schedule the time. From Doctor's offices to play dates, CalendU is perfect for professionals and stay at home moms. Privacy is maintained and sanity preserved.

A day in the life…

You can start with priorities, like children's activities, class schedule, office meetings, or personal time. You build your calendar as needed. If a new client sees an opening on your level 1 (public) calendar, he can fill it in. If there's an impromptu business meeting needed, it can be sent to all colleagues at once - level 2. Looking to get together with friends over the weekend? That's level 3. They don't need to see what you do at work, nor what you have planned with your spouse or partner which is level 4.

Need to block off the morning for personal time? Or plan events during your vacation? Pay bills or see the doctor? That's level 5. No one has access but you. Best of all, CalendU is flexible. You can rearrange time as needed. Never let a minute go to waste.

CalendU makes business more productive. It can be used in Hospitals, Schools, Legal Offices, Lawn Services, Restaurants - anywhere time is scheduled.

The key is the access level. When a person or company connects with you on CalendU, you assign them a level. The general public gets level 1. From there they can become level 2, and existing customers begin there. Internally, all colleagues are level 2, but top management or partners can be level 3. Notices for meetings can be sent out with confirmation request, saving the memo drill.

CalendU can also be used for billable hours and employee scheduling. This allows open shifts to be filled and those who want to trade shifts access to those looking for work. Billable records can easily be compiled automatically.

CalendU helps you plan
your life

CalendU's smartscheduling can optimize meeting times by sending out a request to all and, based on the times available, pick the best time for the most people.


"With CalendU, I have one calendar so
I never miss a meeting or social gathering"

John H., NY

"CalendU lets my ex-husband and me
keep our son's activities on track
while keeping our personal lives separate"

Cynthia R., MD

"My school sends my class and
assignment schedule directly to my
CalendU. I can plan my life around it"

Katelyn L., DC

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Our team

Bruno Vermeeren
Co-founder & CEO


CalendU is a US based company started by Belgian serial entrepreneur Bruno Vermeeren and US businessman Matt Connolly. The original name was Viepage. The team attracted Mark Versavel (MD, PhD, MBA) and Sammy Lievens (top notch programmer) and developed a new name and FOCUSING strategy, so CalendU evolved into what it is today.

CalendU raised $86K and is soon going to launch their A investor round, looking for $400k

Mark Versavel


Matt Connolly


As Viepage, CalendU won "Best Lifestyle App" of 2013 at the Websummit Event in Dublin.

Nic Lecat


James Haft



Andre Meyers


Marc Vangastel



Stephan Raemaekers


Sammy Lievens





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